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5 iconic & essential menswear items for summer

Updated: Jul 9

Hello, our beloved readers. Summer is an excellent opportunity to showcase our unique sense of style. In the world of men's fashion, it's a period for freedom and self-confidence, all the while maintaining elegance and sophistication. If you find it challenging to strike a balance between being stylish and staying cool, here are 5 essential items to help you achieve a fashionable yet comfortable apearance.

1. Linen Shirt

When it comes to summer, we cannot ignore linen shirts, an icon of lightness and elegance. Originating from flax fibers, Linen fabric stands out for its breathability and excellent sweat absorption, helping you feel cool even on hot days.

Linen shirt is not just a piece of clothing, it is a symbol of the lifestyle of modern men, with a sense of freedom and full of energy, modest yet still sophisticated. It not only brings comfort for hot weather but also easily transforms styles from casual to formal, making it an essential item in the wardrobe of classy gentlemen.

Suggestions on styling a linen shirt:

Movie Star in a tailored linen Shirt
Chris Hemsworth effortlessly combines comfort with stylish charm.

Instead of the traditional white or beige shirts, consider wearing a navy blue shirt for a stylish and refined appearance. Opt for linen shirts and chinos on hot summer days to make a statement while ensuring comfort.

2. Chino Shorts

There was a time when I didn't like shorts because I wanted to maintain a classy look with long pants by utilizing the advantages of breathable fabrics like cotton. However, when the temperature rises, sometimes they can still make me sweat because of the heat. And I don't think a man with sweat stains seeping through his clothes would be an attractive image.

If you have a habit of dressing neatly, wearing a pair of shorts may sometimes make you feel like you are gradually losing your style. But in reality, pairing shorts with a t-shirt or casual shirt can actually exude a great sense of elegance. With Chino shorts, you don't have to compromise between comfort and a stylish look. Discover below how they can be the perfect choice for hot summer days.

Tips for how to style Chino shorts:

a man in a tailored cotton Short.
Simon Crompton -  người sáng lập blog thời trang nổi tiếng Permanent Style

Simon Crompton's attire exemplifies a timeless and sophisticated men's fashion style. The pairing of a white shirt with beige shorts establishes a cohesive color palette. Additionally, the selection of accessories like a brown watch and belt is thoughtfully coordinated to enhance the entire ensemble.

This outfit is highly versatile and suitable for various occasions such as casual outings, social gatherings with friends, and semi-formal events.

3. Polo Shirt.

When discussing about Polo shirts, what typically springs to your mind first? This garment is often a popular option for events that call for a balance between formality and informality, such as going to work or attending a laid-back gathering.

For me, there's nothing quite as delightful as wearing a classic polo shirt that combines elegance and comfort on sunny summer days. A polo shirt stands out for its versatility, providing flexibility for better movement and giving men confidence in any situation. When choosing a polo shirt, pay attention to the fabric as it is crucial for ensuring lasting comfort - go for soft, breathable materials.

Suggestions for matching outfits with a Polo shirt:

A man in a tailored Polo.
David Beckham với áo Polo

The choice of complementary colors helps the outfit look very cohesive and eye-catching. Combining a polo shirt with beige trousers and brown sunglasses creates a very harmonious and elegant look. David Beckham is always a fashion inspiration for many people, and this outfit is a prime example of his elegant and classy style.

A polo shirt is truly an essential item in the wardrobe of any man who loves the blend of convenience and style. Choose high-quality polo shirts to always feel confident and stylish in any situation.

4. Loafers Shoes

Loafers, also known as slip-on shoes, have long been known for their convenient laceless design, easy to slip on and off. In the summer, your feet need breathability and comfort, and loafers perfectly meet this need.

Every time I put on these shoes, I feel a very unique elegance, totally different from traditional shoe styles like Oxford and Derby. The low-cut and open-ankle design helps with air circulation, prevents sweat and unpleasant odors, while still maintaining a classy and stylish look.

Even though the term "loafers" originates from the meaning of "lazy," to me, loafers are the epitome of elegance without compromising comfort.

Suggestions for styling with Loafer shoes:

Diễn viên Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard chooses minimalist dark color tones and a neat, comfortable style. The combination of white and black is a classic choice, always bringing elegance. Patterned shirts act as focal points, while black trousers and shoes create balance without being too flashy.

Loafers are versatile shoes that are perfect for a variety of occasions, making them a great option for summer due to their breathable and functional design. Ensure you have a pair of loafers in your shoe collection for any scenario, whether it's a professional setting or a relaxed gathering.

5. Sunglasses

In the bright sunny days, sunglasses have become an indispensable companion for gentlemen. One thing you may not realize is that besides protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses can completely change the look of an outfit. Without sunglasses, you may look fine, but when you wear them, you will immediately notice a remarkable difference.

For gentlemen who appreciate elegance and comfort, choosing the right pair of glasses is an important step to complete their look. Do not hesitate to invest in your eyes, as they deserve to be protected and honored with high-class fashion accessories.

Suggestions for pairing outfits with glasses:

Brad Pitt trong phim Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Check out Brad Pitt rocking his groovy 70s-inspired outfit! With a Hawaiian shirt, a white t-shirt, and jeans, he's serving up some serious retro vibes. The oversized aviator sunglasses are the cherry on top, making him look like a total summer fashion icon. Who knew looking this cool could be so effortless?

So, I think you've cracked the code on the 5 must-have elegant items for guys in the summer: a linen shirt, chino shorts, polo shirt, loafers, and sunglasses. Mix and match them to create classy outfits and rock that comfy, confident vibe wherever you go. Wishing you a super stylish summer filled with awesome adventures!

Carlo Pham - Your Tailor as well as your Style Advisor.

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