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Tips For Tailoring A Suit In Vietnam

Updated: Apr 5

When traveling in Vietnam, one of the best things to do is custom tailoring. The ability to discover extremely competent tailors who can make clothing that fits you like a glove and turn it around in a very short amount of time is available. However, there are a few things that you should bear in mind. In this piece, we will provide some tips for tailoring a suit in Vietnam.

Find a reliable tailor

Tips for tailoring a suit in Vietnam the first is to find the best tailor. When there are practically hundreds of tailors in the area, it might be difficult to determine which one to put your faith in. The quality of the craftsmanship ranges from excellent to subpar. How do you find the best tailor in Vietnam? 

To be successful, you absolutely must perform your research in advance and secure recommendations from reliable sources. Word of mouth from friends and relatives, or even friends of friends, is often considered to be the most dependable source of information; nevertheless, we have also relied on evaluations of tailors on Tripadvisor and found them to be generally reliable.

A beautiful suit requires a skilled craftsman
A beautiful suit requires a skilled craftsman

Visit several different stores and examine the samples of the products that are displayed there. Additionally, have a look at their collection of fabrics; determine whether or not they have the specific fabrics that your choices demand.  Some tailors, for instance, have suedes and leathers, stretch fabrics, or silk chiffons, whereas others do not have these materials.

If you are looking for the best tailor in Hanoi, you can go to Carlo Pham Shop. Although their prices are slightly higher than those of other tailors, the quality of the fabrics and tailoring that they offer is satisfactory.

Know what you want

You should come prepared with a sample of what you want made, photographs, or drawings of what you desire. Consider what kinds of textiles you want and what colors you want them to be. If you already have a definite notion, you will not feel as overwhelmed by possibilities, even though you will be restricted in the fabrics that the chosen tailor has available to you. 

Luxurious, breathable, lightweight suit
Luxurious, breathable, lightweight suit

If you have not previously prepared, you can look through these photographs to obtain some ideas.  You should bring an article of clothing that you adore and would like to have duplicated if you have one along with you. Each and every detail will be replicated by our tailors.

Make your selection from the items on display.

Exhibits of sample items are typically available at tailors. You have the option of selecting one of those if you do not possess any photographs, sketches, or previously treasured items of your own. Since the tailors are experienced in the process of manufacturing that item, you are confident that you will receive exactly what you see. It is possible for you to try on the sample, and if you so like, you can select your fabric. Sometimes you will find a suitable suit model with yourself in display items. These are the tips for tailoring a suit in Vietnam so that you do not miss it. 

Try on a suit available on display at the store
Try on a suit available on display at the store

Choose fabric

Make sure you ask to view the fabric. Experience it. If they claim that it is made of silk, wool, or cotton, is it really? In the event that you are unfamiliar with the materials, it is beneficial to have suggestions for reliable tailors. Have a thorough look at all of the textiles in the event that there is a better option available than the one that is being supplied to you. In the event that you are having business suits made, you should request that the tailor demonstrate the suiting cloth that is particularly suitable for you. When compared to the initial price that the tailor helpers offer, the cost of having a suit created in exquisite fabrics ends up being significantly higher than the base-level pricing. 

Reach a consensus on the specifics of the item. You ask the tailor to answer some question such as:

  • Does it have a line? 

  • What percentage of it is lined? 

  • What kind of cloth is used for the lining? 

  • To what color does the lining belong? 

  • What buttons are you looking for? 

  • Which buttons are there? 

  • Would you like a zip? What kind of zip is it? 

  • Is there a possibility that certain elements, such as pockets, pleats, or top stitching, have been overlooked in the photograph?

You could ask to examine some of the colorful silks that are available to use for the lining of the business suit that you are having manufactured if it is a pretty conservative business suit. For example, a cheeky flash of a pink and purple striped lining inside of a charcoal-grey suit jacket may truly make a piece stand out from the crowd.

Fabric is necessary for designing a luxurious, elegant, and classy suit
Fabric is necessary for designing a luxurious, elegant, and classy suit

A few of the tailors are experts in needlework, while others are skilled in beading and sequins. It is once again an opportunity to add your own personal touch to a garment at prices that are very fair. You can pick the ideal one for your requirements by checking out online forums or by asking about it.

Agreement about price and a deposit

It is possible that the assistant will provide you with a price quote for a shirt, trousers, suit; however, if you are willing to purchase a larger amount, there is typically some room for negotiation. A single shirt made of pristine cotton can cost $30, but they will sell you two for $50 or three for $65. 

It is simple to become engrossed in the steps involved in the process and to place orders for garments without taking a step back and determining the value of each item. A basic sundress that costs, for example, 70$US may not be as good of a deal as a three-piece suit made of high-quality fabric that costs 200$US. Take into consideration the amount of money you would be able to spend at home on an item that is comparable to the one you are looking for, as well as the possibility of being able to discover something that is a great fit and exactly how you want it.

Time to complete a suit

Although many tailors offer a turnaround time of one day, the truth is that quality tailoring actually takes a little bit more time than that. The minimum amount of time that should be allowed from beginning to conclusion is three days, and can be more ( 7 days). An excellent tailor should provide a first fitting the day after the order is placed, and then, depending on what has to be altered, additional fittings over the next two days is something that should be offered.

You will likely be able to achieve the greatest finish on your clothing if you have a few extra days to spare. It's possible that you'll wind up with subpar outcomes if you try to rush through the process. If you are patient and willing to send items back for additional alterations after the second (or in extreme circumstances, third or fourth) fits, you will end up with clothing that fit you ideally. It is quite typical for there to be considerable changes that need to be made after the initial fitting after the first fitting. Do not be afraid to voice your concerns about any areas that are bothering you, as many of them can be resolved, and this is a lot better option than leaving the experience feeling disappointed.


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