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​Carlo Pham

​ Family Tailoring House In Hanoi

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About Us

Welcome to our family bespoke tailoring shop, where we have been creating custom-made suits for generations in Hanoi. As a family-owned business, we take pride in delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and personalized service to our customers. Our team of skilled tailors combine traditional tailoring techniques with modern technology to create suits that are perfectly tailored to your body and style. We take the time to understand your preferences, lifestyle, and needs, ensuring that every aspect of your suit is designed to meet your expectations. From selecting the finest fabrics to the final fitting, we are committed to ensure that your experience with us is exceptional. 

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Clothing Alteration service by Carlo Pham tailor in Hanoi

​Our Services & Offers

Handmade accessories by Carlo Pham tailor's artisans
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By taking 30 measurements, having multiple fitting sessions (if  needed), and offering customizable details from the pocket to the lining, we provide a suit that is genuinely tailored to your unique body and personality. Great fit, nice skin-feel and durability are three factors that we always aim for.

We make high-quality bespoke  tailoring clothes, which means you can always bring back a product created by Carlo Pham to improve  its fit. For returning Customers, you  can also bring in your own clothes  to our shop for high-quality dry-cleaning service at very good price.

We offer handcrafted products created by artisans all over the  world such as neckties, pocket squares, leather gloves and shoes. Our products are always made from the finest materials, looking  both unique and beautiful.

We offer a flexible timeline to accommodate your schedule. Just let us know your desired time, we will arrange meetings accordingly.

​Our Partners


We always make sure that our suits are made from the best materials by partnering with many prestigious fabric mills and merchants which have a long-trusted brands well-knowned by many suit lovers all over the world. From  Zegna of  Italy to Harrisons of England, all have a long history of  expertise and creative capability; and we are now very honored to introduce  them all to our beloved customers.

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Opening Time: 

Monday to Sunday: 9am to 7:30pm


9 Hang Manh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Hotline & Whatsapp: 

+84 39.2170.316

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