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Affordable Bespoke Suits Hanoi Old Quarter

Today, the Carlo Pham shop and team will help you understand the distinction between a custom and fitted suit. 

This is when I met one of the men behind the Carlo Pham bespoke suit, Old Quater. I used to think that bespoke was just another term for a personalized suite, but after learning more, I realized there was more to it than just the label. 

Simply put, it all comes down to the quantity of measurements taken during the procedure.

Navy suit from Giorgio Alberto fabric
Navy suit from Giorgio Alberto fabric

A bespoke fitted suit requires an extra 25–30 measurements, and the procedure often takes 30 minutes or more to complete.

 It's like a more advanced version of a customized suit, in which a so-called bespoke tailor should have additional skills to completely execute it. 

Furthermore, a bespoke tailor has access to a diverse selection of high-quality fabrics. We're talking about textiles that cost roughly 4,500,000 - 8,000,000 VND or more per yard. 

Carlo Pham's suit is made from high-quality Super 150s Wool.
Carlo Pham's suit is made from high-quality Super 150s Wool.

When you consider the work, popularity, and talents of a tailor in Hanoi's old quarter, the price of your new suit becomes genuinely premium and expensive.

However, not everyone who can provide both talents and excellent materials is prohibitively pricey.

Have you heard about the Carlo Pham suit tailors?

I'll tell you more about what he can provide. I had the opportunity to see the creation of affordable bespoke suits Hanoi Old Quarter.




5.000.000 VND ( Shirt)


6.5000.000 VND ( shirt)


14.000.000 VND (shirt), 23.000.000 VND ( Shirt + trouser)

Mr Phạm Anh Vũ ( Carlo Pham )  created a bespoke fitted suit. I progressed from the arduous process of measuring to comprehending and expanding my knowledge about the textiles, culminating in the act of having WEED MOSS JACKET

I had a lovely experience since, in addition to the tailoring session, we were treated to a complimentary 15-minute massage at Carlo Pham Hanoi Old Quarter

Why is Carlo Pham suit bespoke shop?

Carlo Pham Tailors offers bespoke and custom-made suits such as:

Carlo Pham suit tailor has been able to construct a great suit in a single day. Nonetheless, as quickly as he can accomplish it, quality must not be compromised. 

What distinguishes Carlo Pham's bespoke suit from the competition is not just its unique designs but also its level of service.

Carlo Pham - affordable bespoke suits Hanoi Old Quarter aimed to establish themselves as tailors who offer added value to their clients, not only by educating them about the process but also by enabling them to experience the same level of service in the comfort of their own homes. 

3 Pieces Suit by Carlo Pham
3 Pieces Suit by Carlo Pham

Affordable, bespoke suits Hanoi Old Quarter provides consulting and fitting. According to what I've learned, fitting is critical to the overall process of creating a tailored suit. While I was already being measured, Carlo Pham's tailor suit was taking a variety of measurements from my body that I had not previously experienced. 

3-piece dark navy suit with Subtle Stripes pattern
3-piece dark navy suit with Subtle Stripes pattern

It took us around 25 minutes to finish. What's nice about the procedure is that as he was taking the measurements, he was quite interested in explaining why and how significant the data were. 

Naturally, the best bespoke Hanoi old Quater - CarLo Pham also included a bit of trivia in his explanation. As I previously stated, Carlo Pham tailor outfits are far less expensive than those from other tailors. Of course, this may vary based on the materials you use.

Address : 

Carlo Pham - Modern Voice of Tailoring 

Hotline & Whatsapp: +84 39.2170.316

Address: Số 9 Hàng Mành, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

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