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Best Tailor In Hanoi Vietnam - Carlo Pham

You should make it a point to visit Vietnam to purchase a dress or a suit because the rates are quite reasonable, and the quality of the tailors is comparable to that of international standards. Even though Hoi An is widely recognized as the tailoring capital of the world, you still have to find the best tailor in Hanoi Vietnam. It is easy to locate a tailor business in the city of Hanoi. Through this guide, you will learn about the tailor in the city.

Tailors in Hanoi

The bustling capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi, is well-known for its talented tailors who are experts in creating high-quality made-to-order suits. If you want to make a lasting impression with a sharp business suit or have a particular occasion to celebrate, Hanoi is home to many of the best tailor shops from whom you may choose. 

Elegant men's suit
Elegant men's suit

Many streets in the Old Quarter are lined with them, mainly Hang Gai Street, also referred to as “Silk Street”. These stores also carry fabric, but they typically only have a narrow selection of colors and patterns to ensure everyone is satisfied with their purchase. We recommend taking your material outside if you are particular about your chosen clothes.

If you are looking for a bespoke suit for a special event or a sharp work outfit, you should not miss an exceptional opportunity to acquire some gorgeous garments hand-made by the best tailor in Hanoi Vietnam, with Carlo Pham. This opportunity is available to you regardless of whether you are a beginner in Hanoi or a seasoned traveler. 

Carlo Pham - Exceptional Quality in Design 

Carlo Pham is one of the best tailors in Hanoi Vietnam. We are establishing a reputation for being exceptional in terms of both their style and their craftsmanship. Carlo Pham only use materials of the greatest quality and collaborates extensively with each customer to design and produce bespoke suits that are genuinely outstanding.

Regarding creating a tailored suit, Carlo Pham considers the significance of utilizing fabrics of the greatest possible quality. Each component of their suits, from the most opulent materials to the most exquisite buttons, is meticulously chosen to provide the greatest possible finish. Because of their dedication to using only the highest quality materials, they can ensure that the suit they create is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and pleasant to wear.

Sewing men's suits in Hanoi at Carlo Pham
Sewing men's suits in Hanoi at Carlo Pham

Carlo Pham's idea is centered on providing excellent service and paying close attention to the details of the work. As a consequence of our team of professional tailors taking the time to understand each customer's taste, preferences, and body measurements, we can create a suit that is not only a perfect fit but also highlights the client's most attractive characteristics. Whether it's the positioning of a pocket square or the selection of stitching, every element is painstakingly constructed to achieve the intended outcome.

Carlo Pham places a high priority on ensuring the complete satisfaction of its customers. The proof is we receive much positive feedback from customers. Not only does our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship extend beyond the suit itself, but it also encompasses the complete experience that they offer. Beginning with the moment you enter their studio and continuing through the final fitting, you can anticipate receiving great care and individualized attention that genuinely distinguishes them from our competitors.

In addition to our dedication to providing excellent service and quality, Carlo Pham also works hard to ensure that our bespoke suits are reasonably priced without sacrificing the quality of their craftsmanship or the materials they use. We think that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, should have the opportunity to find a fashionable and well-fitted suit. Carlo Pham is a well-liked option for individuals looking for a tailored suit of the best quality that does not strain their financial resources because of their commitment to providing affordable services.

It is possible to go right with Carlo Pham when creating a tailored suit that expresses your style and fits you like a glove. You may have faith that we will provide you with a suit that satisfies and beyond your expectations because of the unwavering dedication to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent service.

How much does it cost for a suite in Carlo Pham?

You should go to Carlo Pham, one of the most well-known tailor shops in Hanoi, Vietnam if you want to feel like you have a high level of expertise in tailor services. Although the costs here are slightly more than those of your typical tailor in Hanoi, the additional expense is justified due to the extraordinarily high-quality products crafted by an exceptionally experienced workforce. The shop is frequented by savvy businesspeople, celebrities in the entertainment industry, wedding grooms, and other like-minded individuals. A wonderful assortment of fabrics is available on the premises, including mohair, cashmere, wool, and merino. The names Dolce Taylor, Inizio, Marzoni, Dormeuil, Scabal, and Loro Piana are among the available brands.

The price of a suit that is fitted here ranges from approximately 250 to 350 USD. depending on the material and style you select. To complete your look, you may even get a pair of handmade shoes and accessories that perfectly match your attire at Carlo Pham. When you have finished getting your first garment fitted, you should request that the staff keep a record of them. When you return to your house, you will surely want to look at your closet and determine what other kinds of fashion improvements you will require.

Best suit at Carlo Pham Shop - The best tailor in Hanoi Vietnam

Moorland-Tweed Herringbone Jacket

  • Origin: England

  • Weight: 320g/m

  • Material: 100% wool

The Moorland Jacket is an elegant and polite option, and it is a trustworthy friend on chilly winter days. It is crafted from a thick Tweed fabric that is still very lightweight.

The combination of a double-breasted design and a herringbone pattern is utilized to achieve a macho appearance that is harmoniously mixed with the traditional "timeless" character. The dark gray hue is a great way to emphasize elegance and is versatile enough to be used with various kinds of clothing. This design epitomizes an ideal combination of fashion, sophistication, and functionality.

Brown Flannel Jacket suit by Carlo Pham
Brown Flannel Jacket suit by Carlo Pham

"Life & Style" Collection From Ariston’s Fall/Winter 23-24

"Life & Style" is Ariston's particular fabric collection, and it is here that you will find a wide variety of colors and patterns that have been sublimated into works of fashion art.

With a wide range of hues, ranging from warm tones to bright tones, "Life & Style" provides a wide range of possibilities to cater to the preferences of every fashionista.

Life & Style Collection suit by Carlo Pham
Life & Style Collection suit by Carlo Pham

In addition to being a collection of fabrics, this is also a platform for each gentleman to become an artist by developing a multi-dimensional style picture for his collection. The "Life & Style" suit gives men a wide variety of options to express their ego and personal style through every line on the fabric. These options range from traditional themes to contemporary illustrations.

Tobacco Linen Veronese Jacket

The tobacco jacket, part of the Island Breeze collection and fashioned from 100% linen, is a sophisticated combination of elegance and comfort. Carlo Pham is thrilled to debut this innovative jacket.

Not only is the Veronese jacket, which comes in an orange-brown color that is also referred to as the Tobacco color, simple to pair with a wide variety of various casual clothing designs, but it also helps gentlemen stand out from the crowd by being generous in terms of the materials and design that it utilizes. onward. The harmonious combination of a youthful appearance and elegance is achieved using exquisite tailoring elements and a classic collar.

Allow the Tobacco Linen jacket from S. Veronese's Island Breeze collection to be the perfect partner for the fascinating events and adventures you encounter daily!

Brown Flannel Jacket

Carlo Pham's Gingham Australis Jacket is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is constructed from high Super 150s wool fabric, which is created by Loro Piana, a luxury fabric business. Not only does this material impart a feeling of softness and smoothness, it also emits a sumptuous beauty while being highly youthful and fashionable.

Not only is the Gingham Jacket exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, but it is also quite long-lasting and keeps its shape very well over time. It is constructed out of full canvas. Gentlemen will feel more at ease and more confident due to this design, which demonstrates the wearer's degree of refinement and class.

Moorland-Tweed Herringbone Jacket suit by Carlo Pham
Moorland-Tweed Herringbone Jacket suit by Carlo Pham

Among the tailors in Vietnam capable of producing high-quality custom suits, Hanoi is home to some of the most excellent tailors in the country. You will be able to identify the ideal tailor in Hanoi who caters to your preferences and manner of dressing if you consider aspects such as the quality of the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, the reputation, and the customized attention. When getting to Carlo Pham, you can expect exceptional quality and service from the tailor in Hanoi Vietnam. 

When you go to Hanoi, you will have the opportunity to witness the brilliance of bespoke tailoring. Whether you are looking to update your wardrobe with a customized outfit or you need a bespoke suit for a special event, Carlo Pham, the top tailor in Hanoi Vietnam, is prepared to meet all of your sartorial requirements.


Carlo Pham - Modern Voice of Tailoring 

Hotline: 02462838855

Địa chỉ: Số 9 Hàng Mành, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

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