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Vietnam is a wonderful area to have a good time, and there is always something new to explore. On the other hand, were you aware that it is also a great spot to look for a suit? There are many shops that are more suitable for you to visit if you are in need of a new and stylish costume and are planning a vacation to Vietnam.

The top tailors in Vietnam are well-known throughout the region for the high-quality craftsmanship they provide as well as the low costs they charge. If you are in need of a vacation or a suit, now is the time for you to take advantage of the situation. Top Vietnam tailor will help you have a suitable suit for you. 

Why Foreigners Should Have Suits by Top Vietnam Tailor

Are you a foreigner trying to find Vietnam's best tailor for suits? Are you interested in having a suit built specifically for you that will fit you perfectly? If so, you should read this article! This essay will examine the benefits of hiring Vietnam's top tailor to create tailored outfits for visitors.

The benefits of having a custom-made suit, the caliber of work one may anticipate from a superior tailor, and the price of having a suit tailored in Vietnam will all be covered below. Thus, if you're a foreigner searching for the ideal suit, go to Carlo Pham Shop to find out more about the benefits of having the top Vietnam tailor create your suit to order.

Perfect fit

The best tailor in Vietnam will custom-make your suit to ensure a perfect fit. to ensure that the suit fits well and looks great, the tailor will take measurements and make adjustments.

A suitable suit that fits your body
A suitable suit that fits your body

Quality materials

Vietnam tailors are renowned for their use of premium materials and craftsmanship. This indicates that long-lasting fabrics will be used to make the suit.

Adorable prices

Purchasing a ready-made suit can be less expensive than having a custom suit made by Thailand's top tailor. The tailor can still create a high-quality outfit by using less expensive fabrics

Tailoring suits in Vietnam is affordable
Tailoring suits in Vietnam is affordable

Personal style

Your suit can be personalized with special details like pockets, linings, buttons, and more when it is custom-made. you will be able to design a suit that expresses your style and is unique to you thanks to this.

Personal style is expressed through suits
Personal style is expressed through suits

Enthusiasm support from top tailor in Vietnam

Top Vietnam tailor can offer you skillful advice relating to fabric selection, design details, and fit. this guarantees that you'll receive the ideal fit for your requirements.

These tailors have a great deal of skill and experience making the finest custom suits.

To make sure the suit is sturdy and attractive, they only use the best fabrics and craftsmanship. To ensure that the suit fits perfectly and comfortably, the tailor will take precise measurements and make adjustments.

Aside from offering expert advice on fabric selection, design details, and fit, the tailor will also be able to help you find the ideal garment for your requirements.

How much does it cost for a suit in Vietnam?

The price of getting a suit custom-made by the best Vietnam tailor varies according to the material and craftsmanship quality used. however, generally speaking, custom tailoring in Vietnam is highly cost-effective and can result in financial savings over time.

A custom made suit ranges from $50us - $150us
A custom made suit ranges from $150us - $500us

A custom-made suit could cost you anywhere from $150 to $500 depending on the design details and fabrics you choose. additionally, depending on the complexity of the design, you may have to pay between $50 and $100 for the tailor's time and labor.

Where can I book Bespoke Wear? 

If you are looking for a shop in Vietnam to sew bespoke wear, you can go to Carlo Pham. The shop is located at 09 Hang Manh, Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi city. 

Before you book bespoke wear, you have to answer some questions like 

  • What is the message you want to convey should be taken into account while choosing the materials and fabric for your custom clothing? 

  • Where are you going to wear it? 

  • Who is going to see you in it? 

  • Does it accentuate your ideal body type? 

Getting Carlo Pham our expert tailors offer you advice on the newest fashions, fabrics, fits, and styles that would suit you best, we first build a personal relationship to better understand your demands.

Elegant guys in Carlo Pham's latest suits
Elegant guys in Carlo Pham's latest suits

Then, we suggest possible accessories that could elevate your entire custom outfit. All of our fabrics are sourced and sorted based on the kind of clothing you are looking for. They are milled from factories located throughout Asia and Europe. 

Your measurements are carefully gathered after you have chosen the materials and styles you want. These measurements are then sent to our local Vietnam tailors, who will get to work producing your order promptly

Our tailor is taking body measurements
Our tailor is taking body measurements

Carlo Pham is a renowned tailor shop in Hanoi, Vietnam, and has been in business for over ten years. We create custom suits, shirts, jackets, overcoats, and other formal and casual menswear items that are of the highest caliber and reasonably priced.

Our extensive accessory assortment includes natural horn buttons, neckties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and elegant linings. Known for being one of the best tailors in Hanoi, Carlo Pham has expanded and entered new markets by using top-notch craftsmanship, client retention techniques, and a fulfilling tailoring experience.

Carlo Pham Shop prides itself on giving clients the flexibility to update personalized apparel while maintaining a classic aesthetic. We provide an extensive selection of fabrics, patterns, and styles that will best suit your specifications and fashion preferences.

Getting a suit custom-made by the best Vietnam tailor is a great way to guarantee the best fit, the best materials, and professional advice. Furthermore, custom tailoring by top Vietnam tailors can save you money over time and is also cost-effective. Therefore, if you're a foreigner searching for the ideal suit, think about having it made to order by Carlo Pham.


Carlo Pham - Modern Voice of Tailoring 

Hotline & Whatsapp: +84 39.2170.316

Address: No. 09 Hàng Mành, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

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